zkr: Shootout

At regular intervals and for the duration of one week, zgoll: Konferenzraum joins with Lang AG in Lindlar to demonstrate all the latest possibilities in the field of large-screen technology.

As part of this shootout, the actual rooms for current projects are recreated and equipped with potential devices. This is the only way customers can make an informed decision about the right technology. And quite a few projects have taken a rather different turn once the decision-makers have seen for themselves how their own presentation came across on the systems.

Within the scope of the shootout, zgoll: Konferenzraum GmbH also runs a regular training course in "Grundlagen Medientechnik" (Basics of Media Technology) for planners and architects, which is certified by the Chamber of Architects in North-Rhine Westphalia.

Simply register at info(at)zgollkr.de for the next event.