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What services do we provide for you? We let our customers do the talking ...

In the conference room, ideas are formulated, content is discussed and decisions are made. The focus is on people and how they interact. Technology is essential more than ever today, but it has to remain a tool and not be an end in itself. Technology is only successfully integrated once users can give presentations without faltering and remote colleagues are joined via video link.

The more complex a room and the more sophisticated the architecture, the more important is early integration and individual planning.

zgoll: Konferenzraum GmbH develops innovative media technology concepts and integrates these into the customer's architecture, furniture and work processes. The systems of zgoll: Konferenzraum GmbH are equipped with their own intelligence and our understanding of self-managing systems; they monitor themselves, avoid operating errors and can be managed centrally. User operation is intuitive and naturally converges with conference room usage from the start.

Starting with the blueprint planning, we support our customers with our far-sightedness, visionary ideas and characteristic enthusiasm for the project.

This results in rooms that speak for themselves. And in satisfied customers, who are welcome to speak about us:

QIAGEN GmbH | Hilden

Gleiss Lutz

Conference rooms provide the stage for corporate identity.

inspired collaboration

zgoll: blecherhof


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Good communication is based on perfectly functioning media technology. Intelligent built-in systems emphasise the allure of high-quality furniture.



Walter Knoll AG & Co. KG

“Designing relationships”: Walter Knoll designs relationships. With designers and architects, with customers, partners and employees. Because the right partners and long-standing cooperation always point the way to new solutions.

In “zgoll: Konferenzraum”, we have found a suitable partner for media technology. The quality of the advice provided by zgoll ensures that customers make the best possible use of their resources. The use of modern technical capabilities and cost optimisation ensures that furniture and media technology complement one another in a meaningful and appropriate way.

Markus Benz | Partner and CEO of Walter Knoll AG & Co. KG

Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG

The conventional conference room certainly stands out among the variety of settings for communications and meetings within organisations: it is where the key strategic decisions are made.

Only the fusion of media technology and furniture really make user-friendly operation and efficient support of ongoing processes possible.

zgoll: Konferenzraum = "3C": Competent, customer-oriented, communicative - a strong project partner with real expertise when it comes to customer-oriented and high-quality complete solutions. Cooperative, dynamic, future-oriented.  

Michael Fehsenfeld | Head of Product Management and Market Services of Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG

Holzmedia GmbH

The collaboration between Holzmedia and zgoll enables both companies to show off the core competencies from which they originally developed: For Holzmedia, this is innovative furniture incorporating media technology and high standards of quality and aesthetics; for zgoll, it is complex, state-of-the-art media technology. The result is the creation of unique solutions with highly satisfied customers.

Manuel Holz | CEO of Holzmedia GmbH

zgoll: Conference room

zgoll: Konferenzraum draws on its know-how, its enthusiasm for media technology, and strong partners.

Partners are our customers first and foremost, of course, and we have been privileged to accompany their successes and contribute our ideas over the years. However, partners also include architects, with whom we repeatedly resolve technical challenges. We create new ideas and products with the furniture industry and we implement some outstanding projects with specialist traders.

Our team is in demand whenever the requirements, the space or the degree of integration are special. Our colleagues are able to apply their creativity and skills to provide customers with individual concepts which become the showcase for the company.

Our long-standing experience in individual projects and our special role in the area of conflicting priorities between architects, specialist traders and furniture manufacturers have enabled us to create reproducible, reliable solutions for small to medium-sized conference projects with our package systems and the configurator. The focus here is less on individuality and more on reliability in the planning process, integration into the room and furniture, and subsequent operation. The package systems are marketed exclusively through qualified specialist retailers. zgoll: Konferenzraum has certified an array of furniture from different manufacturers into which the package systems can be fully integrated.

The configurator and packages achieve the following for us:

A high degree of planning certainty for architects early on in the project. The cable plan is media-ready and can be passed on to the electrical planner; floor boxes are defined. The packages are put out to tender in the same way as furniture via specialist retailers and requested. The neutral character of the packages allows the decision on the furniture manufacturer to be left open until award of contract. Certification is thus an indicator for suitable systems and guarantees a perfect symbiosis between media technology and furniture during final assembly.

For the specialist retailer, the configurator provides a broad range of solutions for the conference room and enhances consulting capacity. By being integrated into the pCon planner, the media technology systems can form the basis for planning and thus determine the position of floor boxes, spacing requirements and other technical specifications so that further planning revolves around these. The specialist retailer enjoys unprecedented freedom when choosing furniture, as the technology can be considered separately from the manufacturer. At the same time, the packages increase the value chain of the specialist retailer and round off its portfolio, without having to enter into the warranty risk for this.

For the manufacturers, the packages provide a simple opportunity to supplement their own products with media technology, without having to build up technical know-how or service personnel. The certification system singles out a piece of furniture and increases the chances of this very piece being chosen by the end customer, placed by the architect or offered by the specialist retailer.

We look forward to working with our partners, current and future ones alike, and will apply all our know-how and enthusiasm as a team to ensure our collective success.

Michael Zgoll | CEO of zgoll: Konferenzraum GmbH

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